Amazing Deliverability
GeniusMailer employs the use of SureSend to establish high delivery rates and resolve sending issues, allowing you to focus on your delivery rate and efficiency of your campaign goals.
Easy Subscriber Management
GeniusMailer provides the service of organizing your email lists into dynamic or static segments, further allowing you to carry out A/B testing and easily monitor your results.
Expert Result Tracking
Measuring the efficiency of your campaign has never ben so easy. Use GeniusMailer's expert results tracking to find your true delivery rate, bounce rate and opening percentages.
Genius Social Marketing
GeniusMailer provides a great mixture of social list building tools including Forward to a Friend, Refer a Friend and custom signup widgets to embed in your website or social profile.
The Sharron Angle campaign used The Prosper Group's Genius Mailer system to send out to our email list of over 100,000 opt-in names. We found the system easy to use, responsive and quick enough to handle the volume, and deliverability was strong.

Jordan Gehrke
Deputy Campaign Manager, Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate
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