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GeniusMailer's SureSend email deliverability enhancement suite combines high-tech tools and high-touch delivery consultation to help you achieve high delivery rates and better returns on your eMarketing programs.

A complex series of events occur between the time you send an email from your GeniusMailer system and the time it arrives at the inbox. Factors that contribute to these events include the recipient's ISP, their email browser, mailbox settings, and their overall perception of your brandójust to name a few!

With so many variables at play, there are two important questions a successful email marketer must know the answer to: Are your emails making it to their destination? How can you be sure?

GeniusMailer's SureSend email deliverability enhancement suite combines high-tech integrated tools and high-touch expert consulting services to help you:
Sending Tools
US Domain Delivery Report

Easily see how the top 20 US ISPs handle your message. Choose B2B or B2C domain reports.

International Domain Delivery Report

Check your message against international domains. A valuable competitive edge for global marketers.

Content Scorer Test

Find out how your email content scores against a full range of spam filters, blacklists, ISP rules, and more. Fix any triggers before you click "send."

HTML Validation Test

Learn whether your HTML code is W3C and WDG compliant.

Email Browser Rendering

See how your HTML emails look in all major desktop (Outlook, etc.) and web-based (Hotmail, etc.) email clients. You might be surprised!

Dedicated IP Address

Don't let your delivery be affected by other senders.

...more Genius Tools
Commerce Segmentation

Using your commerce transaction data, Commerce Segments provides easy-to-use tools to predict, understand, and identify who your most profitable customers are and reach them at key points in the sales lifecycle when they are most likely to purchase.

Share-to-Social Integration

Once your Shoutlet Share-to-Social tool has been activated, you can enable your subscribers to share the content you specify across the most widely adopted social networks by adding a unique Shoutlet Share-to-Social widget URL to a text or image-based link.

Tracked Subscriber Data

The Tracked Subscriber Data feature will provide you with reports containing statistics for a sub-set of the message recipients based on a pre-selected set of subscriber attributes. The reports will be based on subscribers' attributes at the time of send, rather than their current characteristics.

The Sharron Angle campaign used The Prosper Group's Genius Mailer system to send out to our email list of over 100,000 opt-in names. We found the system easy to use, responsive and quick enough to handle the volume, and deliverability was strong.

Jordan Gehrke
Deputy Campaign Manager, Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate
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